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Alan D. Deuel, CLU ChFC

Alan D. Deuel, CLU ChFC

Financial Advisor

Born and raised in Geneva, NY, I grew up the son of a local pediatrician.  I remember my father working late many times until the last patient was seen, and then sitting at the kitchen table making follow up phone calls to parents in the evening to check on their progress.  Thinking back, I also recall my parents around the same kitchen table, planning their financial and estate goals with my associate, David.

After graduating from Cornell, I realized that medicine just wasn't in my blood.

I continued on for an MBA in Finance, but wasn't sure the corporate world was right for me either.

It was then that David approached me and said, "There are two things in life people worry about the most - their health and their money.  If you're not going into medicine, why don't you come and see what we do."

That was about the time Google was invented, and I've been building my practice ever since.

A lot has changed since then - a number of industry licenses, degrees and honors, births, deaths, and everything in between. 

One thing has remained constant - If you take care of the clients, they’ll take care of you.  Just like my father would take care of his patients.

My father used to say, "Being a pediatrician is not so much about treating sick kids, it's about treating nervous parents." 

I'd say the same applies to the work we do here.  We'd be honored to help you.